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Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year... New Goodies

Collected the MET today. Ok..surprise, black but it came in that funky flowery design...not that bad actually. And time to change to the 8" rotor in the front, oh what the hell, let's change those damn grips as well.

Straight away the ODI Savage grip inparts a much better and more confidence instilling feel. But the bloody A2Z rotor is a positive piece of shit. I spent 2 hours trying every which way to get it adjusted, filing and all... No go, at just the slightest contact the clinking goes to high heaven. Gonna change it to something better tomorrow. And it took all of 5 mins to revert to my old 160 rotor sans sound

...finally understand (think so...) what makes a good rotor especially the big ones. Actually its just simple material science and physics. When choosing rotors (non floating type), hold the centre and flick the periphery with your nails. If the sound is a sharp sweet tingling like a musical tiangle --dont buy!.

At the slightest contact which can happen even if calipers are properly aligned for e.g. when fork flex while riding, or rotor not installed dead center on the hubs etc, The further the radiation from the center, the more pronounced will be the flex and any sound emitted with contact at the periphery. Get a rotor with a dull thud which will be stiffer and less prone to flex. Just because a rotor is solid without the holes (like the one I got today) doesn't meant it will be stiffer-- which was what I thought before.

At least this is my theory, lets see if the hypothesis is correct after testing and changing to the Breaking rotor which is supposed to be thicker and way stiffer (and of course way more expensive too).

Time to ride in 6 hours..

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