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Friday, January 11, 2008

Second week into the new year, boring boring..... planner is already filling up
and I am cussing at all the burnt weekends ahead which means no riding.
Ok I hope crude will shoot past 300 a barrel and people might contemplate canceling flights because its too expensive to fly. Driving to work? Oh well it just means better excuse to cycle to work instead.

The more I keep my mind on biking, the more unconventional ideas comes to mind. Was taking a smoke break yesterday and saw a motobike with a red anodised riser. except for length, sweep, rise and angles all look to be what i am looking for but couldnt find it in traditional mtb brands. Check with the rider and found it only cost 15 bucks a piece. Bingo! Compare that to 80 bucks.

the other thing I was googling today? suspension oil. Well like I suspected, basically major brand like Fox and Rockshox simply get theirs from some companies and its just a matter of relabeling . Hell even the black plastic PE bottles are the same. Change a sticker and up the price by 300%.

The more I dig , more alternatives are surfacing for many of the things used in mountain biking compared to sourcing from just traditional avenues.

Knowledge is indeed Power...... yea ONE for El Cheapo

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