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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Its been so long since the last writing, So whats up? Well guess I finally succumb to a new blinkety blink but hopefully strong wheelset. Kings hub over the hadley more for practical purposes-- resale value, lighter but just as strong and easy to find replaement parts if needed. Lets hope I don't need them . Still didnt know what went over me when I chose the Spank Subrosa rims, maybe weight-- but again, cross fingers that they stay strong as the reviews had it, else it would be back to the trusty syncros.

No its not relapse back to weenism. But the bike is seriously getting a bit too meaty for certain handling. These new wheels will still add 300gm over the last one and to me its all well worth where they are added. After all wheels are one component that takes the most stress.

The riding group-- mmm...I just somehow felt things a little missing without Kevin around. But we have some new people these few weeks both on road and offroad rides and old faces that turn up are always reassuring.

And my other changes towards biking-- some things that I have never really thought I would look into, more protection. But with my waning interest to ride XC and favoring more aggressive runs with jumps, it would be dumb to take lycra as bullet proofing. So another round of equipment hunting has begun....

Still too lazy to get off my ass to look for the helmet cam, have said this like for weeks now.... ok next week off to Sim Lim I will go.

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