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Monday, February 25, 2008

KR revisited

Its been over a year for me since the last Kent Ridge ride. All the talk thats been going on about extended trails and all. Well some parts are better but overall this is still pretty techy stuff compared to the rest of the trails around here. No way in hell I am ever going back to a hardtail after today's ride, least not in this trail.

Was a good ride with 15 in all. New faces and old assuring ones. Thats what COTES is there for.

mmm... protections, yea I am beginning to have better appreciation. Not just protection but u can use this stuff to elbow and knee our way thru the tigher sections. Must get me some elbow and forearm pads and proper bike shorts.
Shin guards+Lycra --Im starting to look like the latest negative fashion statement from Shinjuku....

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