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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Finally an AM?

So is that illusive do-it-all AM bike ready?
had gotten used to the 70mm stem by now, basically
it was hitting the forum to find out what was wrong.

In summary, running shorter stem, most likely
a couple of tweaks would help......
down a few psi up front and increase it on the rear

Why? - Weight displacement to the rear due shorter front end.

for me it was a 72 to 68 on the TALAS
and 160 - 170 on the RP2 rear but 165 felt a little stiff.
Might have been my dropped weight now from the previous 71.
Gonna try rear at 165 tomoro.......

Ahhh tires... finally succumbed and gotten the fat Albert 2.35
but just couldn't find justification to fork 77 bucks for a Big Betty though.

....and yes, hopefully the PlanetX Uranus would be the holy grail in the search for the perfect do all AM seat.

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