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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Project ROast.POrk

Grilling the Pig

Finally got the wheels done after sitting on it for almost a month. And a first for me having a pair of silver hubs. Used to have a thing against silver hubs until the ENOs..... Not so bad after all. Laced with silver spokes and Black WTB Laser Trail 27mm rims, everything looks strong and good. and they better be.........

Just some final touch...Front pro II hub was bought on "Flood Sale" and the outer were a little rusted. Just to make sure all is well, I decided to pop the seal and check the bearings. No rust, but where's the grease. Damn, those bearings were bone dry!  Ok time for the Dura Ace bearing grease treatment again.

Rear is a brand new 40 engagement Goldtec hub, so just pop the freebody for a quick check and back on it goes.

Frame Prep
@ 2 a.m. in the morning... Anti Rust Treatment and left to sit overnite.

No more Black Magic
Next morning.....dismantled the last bit on the Voodoo Bokor and realized that I have never taken any pic of it.
Too late for a full bike shot. This one had to go to make space for the Pig.

Just can't resist....a skeletal mock-up

Just about to go on to measure out the cables and realize I have forgotten about the shifter housing....rush out for some in the afternoon and again just can't resist seeing how the angles would look like. So on went the tires.

Can't believe how difficult it was to put the Rubber Queen on! Must have been the most difficult tire mounting in my life! Literally both hands and BOTH feet plus an almost broken Park Tool tire lever later.........

Enuf for the day.....dinner time.

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