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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Soma Stanyan Build- Part 1. Parts Hunting

Yup its a 4S bike..the Soma Stanyan SingleSpeed Project

Little did I realized that when I started the brain screwing when a buddy was looking for a frame and I posted the Stanyan, in time there would be 2. One of them mine.

I was actually in the midst of building another bike and wasn't ready for another anytime soon but as fate would have it, all the "parts" of the Stanyan starting falling in place.

The more I was helping my buddy to hunt, the more it grows on me as well.

Luck was on my side... someone was selling a SS eccentric hub wheelset on the marketplace. Just what I was looking for.

All it takes was a little bit of polishing to get it spanking new again

(Pictured here is the front, running a non-disc MI-6, what's more, the "bomb" shaped profile of the hub body matches the one on the rear ecc as well!

Frame prepping was done on Stanyan (no.1) last week.

Beautiful chrome polish lugs... One look and it increased my resolve to hunt out for every possible part in chrome/silver mirror polish finish.

Then came the first cache of components from UK. Except for the headset pictured below.

Unexpected find that gave an exact color match with the headtube lugs. Furthermore no distracting brand logos to detract from the looks when installed.

Not too many 57mm reachcalipers on the market. Choice was down to this or the Shimano. Took a plunge and went with this despite the naggy feeling about the brand. Not too shabby. Caliper action doesn't seem as strong but lets see how it gels with the CC SCR-5C levers

A box of beef patties from the US today ???? WTF

Oh its just more bike stuff :)

 \@@/ Seeing doubles?
No u're not!

2 x Sugino RD2  48t
2 x Tange BB 107mm
2 x Nitto B-135 Randonneur Bars

Oh yea cos' its
For the 2 x Stanyan Twin Evil builds

Nice crank. But time to hunt for some 50-52t 130 BCD rings

Awesome stuff and hey...they even 
threw in a free COG magazine.

Now I see what those fixie craze is all about...

The second Stanyan should be arriving anytime this week
and its a matter then of waiting for this chain to be restocked....

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