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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Soma Stanyan Build- Part 2.

Damn...some people cant wait to get a bike up and riding. . Not that there is much of a choice if u have known an overgrown excited kid for 27 years! LOL.  So "die die" we need to have it up and running before Reunion Dinner time. Continuing from the previous night's ordeal till 2 am....

Today is all of the measure twice (make it 10X ) and cut once installations. Brake cables, chain and the dreaded steerer tube sans benefit of a sawing jig. Me old and tried method of scribing the circumference and masking tape will have to suffice...

before the start this afternoon...Not much to look at.

But since the day lighting was good..I thought its a good idea to showcase
the lugs and matching headset before we start work

Despite measuring 10 times and over, yours truly still manage to screw it up with the chain. One link too short and ended up with outer plates on both ends with a master link that has no where to go! 

But remembering a little tip from a friend years ago saved the day. My calculation of the chainline and the 107mm bb was spot on. FINALLY--- a perfect chainline since my first SS (which means the second Stanyan will be getting the same too! Woohoo)

Ok fast forward... brakes are done. Will need to lengthen the front housing a bit the next round.
Sweat dripping and panting all the way from Joo Chiat to Laguna, our long time "pseudo-messenger" friend  appeared just in time. Though his cap was not quite right nor tight enuf to give a headache.

Question: How many men do you need to saw a steerer tube?
Answer: 3.  One to hold and saw, second one to hold and look and the third one to snap a picture of a potential FUBAR operation.

Jitters and minutes later...DONE. Pretty neat edge too. Owner was smug with his saw thrusting skills. He better be! It aint my steerer tube.
Phone rang and wife was yelling where the hell had I been. SHit! and the starnut is not in there yet.
No nut setter tool either. Skill testing time again. Let's see if the Anvil has got the magic hammering touch.
No sweat....5 mins later plus pseudo messenger boy's tip on equalizing pressure on the star and all is done.

So one final pic of today's work...

Front View

2 days and over 100km later without bar tapes...  Bike fitting Day

The usual swapping of saddles, posts and stems and spacer stacks to get the fit right

Now just waiting for the right seatpost, stem and small bits to arrive before putting on the final artisan's touch on
the first instalment of the Evil Twins.



  1. Sama Sama lah..last night also die die want a new ride for New Year so stay up till 4am to finish my new old skool build.

  2. Wah chainline is nice :D