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Saturday, March 6, 2010

S.0.M.A.2 - 1st Road SS

This marks the first for a lot of things. Been toying with the idea of a road SS for awhile. 10mths of searching and finally work up to getting all the parts. Lots of consideration on this build.

First steel road bike
First road ss
First time working with a color for parts I really never like;
"Polished Silver". Parts hunting was a lesson in patience,
and some of the parts that I really want are still not available.

and this build also marks the first time I actually use the new Parktool workstand!

Been awhile since I worked with any square taper cranks. Doesn't look like I forgotten too much.
Lots of grease and once the bottom bracket was slotted in, it will be awhile when the words "Tange Seiki" will be seen again.

Flip flop flip flop. Nope, not the rear hub but the stem and spacer stack to get the look/ setting and color combo "right" ...

Can't screw it up too much. Chainline checked.
After all its just an SS bike.... and memory was still fresh from building the first one 2 weeks ago.......time to knock off and leave the cables and bar wrapping for tomorrow (build started at 12 am)


Fast forward...3rd evening. All done and getting steerer cut. Complete (almost)

"Studio Portrait"

Back from 1st ride


Not 1 but 2....


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