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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Its been 15 years since my last Rock Shox.  A coil spring Judy where the spring retaining cap pop off all of a sudden one fine day and together with the spring that pop out, we catapulted OTB in the same direction. Since then I swore off all Rock Shox forks ......... until the PIKE.

All seem well when it went on the PIG except for too much oil which was due to our own doodling to change the stock oil ( where a well known issue that the wrong weight or insufficient fluid leaves the factory when these forks are shipped out). Excess siphoned off and I went about adjusting the air and sag all over again after today's first ride on the fork.

Was cycling the fork right after pumping up the negative chamber when I heard this loud "POP". Swore I thought one of the chamber has blown and immediately reach down to the negative chamber's Schraeder valve when I notice that the whole dust seal was out of of place.

Exposing the yellow foam oil ring and the black oil seal below, I look again saw that the oil foam ring was bone dry. No wonder I never saw the ring of dirt on the stanchions when the fork was being used this morning.

Seriously, is this even normal? I mean the seal just pop by itself. Most likely due to the pressure buildup between the stanchions and the insides of the lowers, aided along by the dryness of the whole contraption.

Nor very reassuring when the last time a Rock Shox almost killed me started of also with a "POP". But at least now I now I will be prying off the dust seal from the other side to do a proper foam ring lubing to get things in working order.

Cross more surprises.

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