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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just ranting

Its becoming a routine. I'm ranting every midweek! If Mondays are blue, where does Wed lie in the color spectrum?

Why is it that people are just so cheap to buy components worth hundreds and thousands and yet wont spend a few bucks on a screwdriver! The second hand XT brakes on the Pig was all well and good. Cheap too considering they came with Goodridge cables.

But I found the usual problems when trying to top up the hydraulics last night. Rounded Philip screws. Its gonna be a delicate operation doing the usual procedures for removing rounded screws. The resevoir cover plates are made of plastic, pretty new looking too, so apart from a slip up and breaking them, I'm trying not to add any more scratches as well.

Hmmm what other things to rant? Oh My hubs! If there is one thing that is consistent, its that my hubs are consistently mismatched on all my bikes!

Just did a check, all 4 wheelsets on 4 working bikes have mismatched hubs. Alright it would not be fair as 2 are running White Industry ENO Eccentric but still at least the closest match would have been 2 front WI H2 polish silver and if it was a disc capable offroad SS then it should either get the disc MI6 or a TA Venti. Even the colors are mismatched

Offroad AM dualie - CK Pewter 10mm rear x Hope Pro II black TA 20mm front
Offroad AM HT -      Easton Black (Havoc) x Hope Pro II silver TA 20 mm front
SS Roadie -            WI ENO silver rear x WI MI6 silver front (about the closest to a proper pair)
SS Commuter -       WI ENO silver rear x WI Black Disc Jock front

The hell with it. I'll just ride. Not really looking the hubs when I'm pedaling anyway.

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