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Friday, April 2, 2010

RoAsted--Blue Pig Build and Configs

2 months after sitting there without a drivetrain 

...and sidetracked with 2 other bike builds, I finally got around to finish up on the Pig

Laid everything out and thought it would be a breeze.

First, none of the 4 front derailleurs I have has got the required sie adapter. Small issue, just went to the shop for a pair.

Then the rear Goldtec Draco hub wouldn't coast or back pedal when the skewers have been tightened. 2 days of filing different sizes of washers to fit to allow a gap between the freebody and the inner bearings of the hub gotten nothing solved. It was  Dirty's rear spare wheel, an Easton Havoc to the rescue. So again I have yet another bike with mismatched wheelset. But at least its rideable now....or so it seems, but.....

1st Ride Diagnostics.
Realized there is probably too much oil in the damper added during an earlier oil change No biggie, compression and floodgate caps undone, siphon off 10ml and reset the air chambers and everything was working. Cable on front dee comes loose for no apparent reason...

 2nd ride Diagnostics
Again can't shift up front today and had to keep fiddling with the limit screws. Finally realize that the hi and Lo limit screws are just too loose on the front dee and they kept moving off by themselves as the bike was pounding through the trail. At least it wasn't a broken front dee. Loctite Time.

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