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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Digital Scale

Its been awhile since any bike parts were weighed especially not having been patronizing bike shops in awhile and hence losing the access to use their weighing scale. Have always wanted to own one but just been too cheap as usual.

With the recent project to convert to an alternative "light-strike" setup with the EG, I went out this afternoon to finally purchase one after thinking long and hard if it is really a waste of money....

Took a little while to hunt for the "cheap ones" that Dirty told me...  Found the lot and err, no, this time I'm not going for the cheapest cheezy looking model. Its plasticky and looks like something Richard Simmons will have on his show to measure cereals after an aerobic workout.

Got a nice looking black Tanita scale with a stainless steel weighing surface...5kg max, 1 gm min
 Just like kids excited with a new toy, I wasted no time plonking all kinds of components lying around just to see what they weigh! Ok its kinda dumb but hell we all succumb to some form of it one time or another don't we!

Previous bar and stem combo on the bike... 496 gm.

The new bar/stem should be at least 100gm lighter.. let's see when its taken off and measured tomorrow.

 I'm really beginning to get an idea of why my bike is so heavy. This front wheel is supposed to be a lightweight swap from what's in use now still its 2003gm from:

Hope Pro II with 20mm adapters
2.0/1.8 Double Butted Spokes
WTB Lazer Trail rim
A2Z 180mm rotors.
2.35 Maxxis Minion DHf single ply
with 1.95-2.1 rated inner tube

Let's see what the Spank rim with the same hub holds with an Ardent 2.4 tubed.

With my tools collection, repair stand, working tray of lubes/ grease and what not almost rivalling if not exceeding that of many bike shops...even if not put to heavy usage, the scale would at least be an ornamental piece of hardware to"complete" the picture of a home bike workshop...

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