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Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 First Ride Out

The COTES first ride for the new year was yesterday but road riding just isn't my thing anymore. Besides the cough was till pretty bad. Since probably none of the usual suspects are gonna be doing the a Sun offroad  after yesterday's 109km... it means another good excuse to sleep in this morning.

All rested since errrmm... from last year, it just felt weird dissolving as one with the couch, staring at the picture box all afternoon. Not really wanting to but still made 2 quick texting. Well both J and W said they can't make it. Was kinda relieved...dunno why, maybe its one of those days I really need to be riding alone.

Time to pack. Looks like its a solo first ride out for the New Year.
     Yup that will be good. No one to wait for or catch up to...

         Just me and stupid me, cursing at some soon to encounter root
         that will probably throw me off because I'm just too lost in thoughts.
         Thinking of it just put a smile on

... ...

Its mid afternoon when all should be quiet on the trail.... Frankly, I really hope not to see another soul during the ride. But with over 5 million people on a little island! Good luck!

Sliding behind a couple of utility vehicles from the nearby waterworks department, it was quiet enough though... save for the jungle noise filtering through as the bike was unracked.

A couple of macaques were squabbling and screeching for all it was worth. Well, at least its not the usual unnerving cacophony of city sounds. Slipping on the elbow guards, I was wondering which of the monkey got his bollocks sucker punched to elicit all those yelps :D

... Air was cool with the sun hiding behind the clouds today.... The 2 riders I passed on the way didn't cruise by. Probably turned in at T15.  Great. All alone now.

Five meters into the trailhead... Oops! Its mudfest time. Too late, fuck it. Mud or cess pool, I'm going riding today.

No stopping under the big shady tree at the end of  the first trail as usual.... . It wasn't the smoothest ride but then again with all the log piles, roots and narrow bends in this trail, it never would be. However the new Vengeance up front simply gobble up everything. I could almost see it spit out all the chewed up roots and twigs that has gone under the wheels. Apt name for one kick ass fork!

Finally just as the mp3 player juiced out... I was at the LZ where imaginary helicopters land. Certainly no whooping metal birds around. Just me and the EG.

Ok 5 mins and 1 Power Gel later...Time to saddle up! Now the mud part really begins... however the luring stretches of descents are also beckoning.. Pedal, pedal, pedal...

Saw 2 other riders at the u-turn point. A quick hello and as they saddle up, I was determined no XC bike is gonna catch me today. So wheeling the EG around...shot my way up, where the euphoria of the recent decend ended just a minute ago

Again the fork delivered....guess with the new bar and stem combo, everything is really dialled in on the new front package on the bike.

Back the same way and reverse the first trail...  Got back to the car, 16:45...  Ah fark it, let' do another round.... Somehow I knew I was gonna do something stupid like this today. I mean how often do I pack lights on a day ride... oh well. was really getting dark under the canopy.

Could just smell the rain in the air. Ok time to abort the last leg reversing Trail One. Shortcut back out from T15. Good enough...

...28 muddy km today including all the traversing for some extra descends. A chain and stanchions that had to be watered down from the hydro bag 4 times plus a  rear deraileur so covered in mud its looking like an old dog's loose hanging bollock. Finally done for the day!

Need to cover a lot this year to push the fitness level up. Not forgetting there is a 100K ultramarathon that I signed up for during a moment of insanity. Keep up with the younger ones on rides and generally be able to enjoy the longer trails overseas... Need to start somewhere and today was as good as any.

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