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Friday, April 15, 2011

Batam 10 Apr

So said some wise weatherman friend of mine, "The dry weather is here at last..." 6 months of wet and wetter...we were all used to hosing the bike off after every ride. Sure looks good to trash it out again in Batam ... hopefully its really without the accompanying mud and grime.

With 4 trips done, I got the planning and organizing down to the hilt this time. Only.... I almost didnt quite get up in time so it's back to  breakfast on the ferry again.

C.C.W., COTES-Cam-Whore at it again... if he only knows what's in store for him later! :D

 Felt real good on carpark ride...C.C.W.'s new ride, Remedy 7

....and how will "Junesy" EG fare on its maiden Batam trip?

XC. Not my fav part of the ride but side swiping and hoping for some "spd moment" is a favorite past time of mine  Not this time though, 200+ pounds is just a tad much to dislodge  :D

XC leg over.. Fun time!

Cows Can Fly!  Where's the moon

Wah...never flat sarmore!

Of course the EGs too

ok next trip, I got to pull a no-hander to up the bar.. Secret training shall begin once back

Even the XC folks can't resist it this time.... finally after all the months of lulling them about the excitement and exhilaration, finally got all the COTES on "air".

Queen Hobbit, Athena. And it's official. First female rider to pop off the quad or any of the stuff @ Drak.

Maybe we should just rename it as "Butt"am Ridefrom now on. Better check who's the camera man next time :)

One too many for the Cow... gap a jump but tried to squeeze through the "V" of the tree ahead....

Landed! ... and a butt full of thorn... Apart from the horde, there is the ever inquisitive Apeman scrutinizing.

Ok I cant resist adding one more> This will have to go into the COTES scrapbook. Candid. Classic.

 ...and all the others not shown above.

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  1. hey man, finally finding more time to ride, decided to Keep the Danta Cruz Blur LT.

    Batam riding? Tell me more man, I'm extremely interested in trying it out...since it's nearby.

    I've heard of some organized trail riding in Bali but it's too far-off for a weekend session.

    when u have the time, mail me about this Batam thingie