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Saturday, August 27, 2011

t"A"mpines today...

What I saw outside TBP last week looks interesting so with a crappy morning of rain it was another short afternoon spin... ok can't resist going back to take a look.

Really like what I saw from all the things coming up over there. Reminds me of work, going to plantation that hasn't been seeded and returning later to see a whole lush crop. Only difference here is that at the end of the day this would be a nice harvest of berms, drops and jump. Props to all those that put in the hard work and countless hours....

New addition spotted today and this one is bigger than what's usually seen. Looks like some fun air time coming up soon :D

The guys were still building and refining one of the gap and I decided to join them for a few pop off.
Nicely build and the soft ground today means getting that magic carpet landing on my bike after every run.

Picked up a couple of points after watching Skills for Thrills the other night... jungle trail runs were a lot more fun. Yea lean that bike all the way into turns...

Its a bit of a chore driving all the way to Gangsa for a little fun air time every time the bug bites. Things are looking good in the east side now. No more boring xc-only trails. Thanks to all that has made this materialize. Certainly hope the place wouldn't be bulldozed for development anytime soon.

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