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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Its hard enough some days to get up against the onset of laziness back on bikes or wrenching/ modding things on those two wheels. More so when impacts in your life has earth shattering effects. There is never a good time to bounce back. So I decided today would be as good as any if I need to pick myself up again.

All things bike just sat there for the last two weeks. Untouched. An unprecedented record for me.

Bike wrenching is something I have come to equate as therapeutic after slowly learning things along the way. Many a time in fact the bike doesnt need to be tinkered with. But some thing done is always better then nothing right!   Ok.. not always, but that can usually be attributed down to some stupidity on my part. But normal maintenance and checks certainly do not hurt. And for tonight it is more than just that. Kickstarting back into normal mode for me and the best thing would of course be getting the bikes up and running flawless.

It helps to have a list written down on the Things-To-Do but sometimes its specific enough that I dont go all over the bike(s) and start dismantling things that werent originally intended.

For this evening I'll list it down though..just to make sure that everything would be in place for the next few rides after my absence on saddles.

..On the EG
  • Wash up the EG: yes it makes drivetrain cleaning much easier without dinosaur size gunk balls getting in the way.
  • Check chain wear: Remember to check from at least 4 different spot as wear are never even on any given chain.
  • Change Chain if worn, else clean out drive train. Lube all pivots on deraliers.
  • Stanchions: clean and lube up all stanchions of fork, adjustable seatpost and shock. Check for wear.
  • Tire pressure: Pump up to 21.5 and 205, rear and front for Sat/Sun rides.
  • Cockpit: DO NOT, DO NOT touch the bar anymore. Must remember to restraint my OCB fiddling!

..On the Pugsley
  • Measurements: Minor re setting of bar height and bar swap from flat to the 745mm or Torsion 1x1
  • Hub and Drivetrain Check: Leave till weekend afternoon if not riding. Too much work for evening
  • Top up tire pressure... 5 psi is rideable but 2 months of not touching, 3 psi by now  would be ridiculously low even with those 3.8 Larrys

..On the SOMA
  • Stem flipping: KIV till after one more ride. looks are important but if it means a constant ache on a ride, then fuck it, wbetter live with a less fierce looking rig. Never argue with your body...they tell you a lot that your silly little mind might say otherwise
  • Top up tire pressure and go for a small spin when done for the night.
The rest of the bikes and bikes-in-pieces?  Nah, nevermind.. leave it for another day. Ok maybe just take out the new EG and ogle it a little bit more and find a new box to store up all the EG spares/ rebuild kit. Yes 6" dualie with shock and hadware at sub 3kg! Cant wait to build it up...

Yup its already feeling good and could even smell the air of greasy odor permeating the living room tonite...

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