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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Coffee's out!
Email's "send and receive" still vomiting out the load from the server while Im typing this.....

Guess this will be one of my rant filled mornings...

It just seems rife in many forums these days of building up an AM bike and how how light it can be.

Not a new phenomenon for sure but its getting into even those places where weight is not so much a concern with riders. Some are valid as they race hard and are pretty smooth riders to know how to balance lighter weight components with finesse on a bike.

While I don't weenie but neither do I add useless bricks of a component to my bike. But come on... let's get real, tell me what kind of a ride are you expecting out of a 6" front/ rear travel sub 12kg. You gonna treat it like some long legged XC chicken rig... Extra travel is there just because everyone else has it these days?

Pretty sure some would really like to stand out with a new category by themselves since its all the talk about their bling light weight bike and it doesn't matter if they have actually ever put a leg over the saddle.. I dislike categorising as if there isn't enough confusion in mtb by now... but do have a proposal though.... L.A.M.Ers

Errr... no puns intended ;-)



  1. I was cursing the 6" fork, DHX and gravitational MRP & KS while doing my weekly climb at BT. The swearing immediately dissipated just before the steep drops...

  2. Strangely I never think about the long front these days. I just know it wont ever feel like a 100mm fork but not more than that.. Gets me into a better focus to get the climbing job done and wheeeee...