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Monday, December 17, 2012

Bikes: Working and storage

Nov/Dec 2012: Nuthin' but wet miserable weather of late... no better time to spruce things up in the bike den a bit.  Been literally sitting on it giving off one excuse after another for lack of time. Including err.. having to build up a new bike and testing new toys/ components....

The  finished part of the "garage" is now looking more like a semi conductor clean room and guess that's how things will  stay eventually. There really isn't much space in an apartment even though its bigger now  with an entire room plus some (actually quite alot more) dedicated to bikes. But like everything else-- an uncluttered and bright  space is much easier on the eyes and to work in... all possible now since I decided a wet/ dirty work area would be setup outside instead of inside here... And nope, not building any ugly monoliths cabinets to house wheels, rims forks and frames. Just have to find different ways to tuck things away eventually. Even the tiny set of cabinets from IKEA kiddie section  now wouldn't have been considered if they didn't happen to fit the small recessed area to a T. Well, almost a T.

Pretty much the unfinished section in the room that will be housing the work bench area.
For now still experimenting to get things to right height and depth.. no rush.

Jan 2013... Finally! The Workbench/ AV station. from old pieces and kitchen reno leftovers after much hacking.. Decepticon workbench with hidden storage for frames and fork  accessed via sliding worktop and a hoop slot section. More work still needed for lighting, electrical rewiring for a "cordless" fussless working environment eventually.

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