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Monday, February 11, 2013

Chiang Mai 2013

2012 hasn't been much of a riding year. Then I miss my year end biking vacation, thanks to all the jack-all projects at work. But as usual leave it to my lime-green fetish buddy harassing me into another trip at the end of January....

 With a little addition this time-- yes the Missus bags were packed too.

Ok, nothing was going smooth-- Got the rear wheel rebuilt and realize my front hub's busted. Can't really blame the manufacturer. Bearings won't stay in place and it's sure seen lots of abuse over the last 3 years.

Luckily there's a  few other 20mm TA around the house all laced up...
 Day1: Right off the bat on arrival... Here We Go Again. Bamboo & ChompView
"Ok Im gonna keep my front wheel from abuse"

Did someone say its dry season now in Northern Thailand? Yea rite! 4 out of 6 nights came in a mix of moderate splatter to serious thunderstorm.
Scooter: The perfect urban assault rig zipping around for good local food and shopping,  'cept when its rains...
All of that wetness sure made the early morning runs interesting to say the least. Slick off cambered on either sides of erosion--makes for avoiding riding in the ruts impossible at times. Don't really want to kill the trail anymore than necessary but really wasn't left with much of a choice at some sections.

Oh did I mention I came with a half-busted right arm too... rubbed a ton of Deep Heat before, during and after, might as well have brushed my teeth with the bloody stuff to numb the gums from the riding chatter.

Despite everything and my mind screaming "You are gonna break some body parts for sure. Just go sightseeing"..  but ride we sure did and after a couple of days, hooked up with the local riders too.

Just need an orange loving freak to complete the "Traffic Light Team".
Here's Note, my new friend taking off with a "You Jump What You Build" attitude before asking others to do it!
Ok, Greenie and me chicken out though...

EG, Looking smug as the only single crown given top spot at the bottom of the uplift. Then they lose me like 10 sec into the start of each run...
Who would have thought a size 8 wrench is ever needed on the trail!

A really scary WTF moment when me brakes suddenly went limp like some octogenarian reproductive organ halfway down a 3K descend.
If there is something I never learn, its video editing ...Will really have to remember getting the vid cam properly angled up next time too, otherwise it looks like I'm perpetually staring down the front wheel in the vid.... Half the time the cline looks more like this rather than the flatness portrayed by the wide angle lens.
Start of first rock garden @ Crazy Dust
Nothing new for the seasoned riders but as Chiang Mai is becoming more and more popular, for all those Singaporean riders readying for your first trip, do prep up your bike and gear up on the armor sensibly. I can guarantee this is nothing like the usual teletubbie trails we have back home. Have Fun and Ride Safe.

Oh give these Madmonkeys a shout on Facebook if u need some guide and uplift arrangements for your biking holiday there.

Stuttering bits and pieces snipped and stitched from the few days of riding as is. A short  mix of what the place has to offer. No Oscar nomination for sure.

Look out for the Flying-Rocket-EG-No-Rider jutsu "stunt" aka blooper by yours truly ;)

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