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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cargo Bikes

Fat rubber is not the only thing these days, seems like everywhere I go and surfed, inadvertently  some cargo type bikes will turn up. Some functional, some aesthetically pleasing even if the human powered aspect of moving it is not a priority. Well some are simply everything, functional and nice to look at with sparkling bits and attention to the minutest detail.. Aka Bling Bling.

Couple weeks back I was running errands and came across a gelato cargo trike at T1.

Lovely paint work and since I asked to take some photos, felt obliged that I should grab a cup of those. "Hazelnut please"

I doubt its gonna be moving around much, save at the end of the day be pushed back into storage somewhere inside the mall..

Nice subtle classic color theme of black, beige polish silver and tinge of gold.

...but I really had the impulse to walk up and tidy up that jangled mess of tangled wires... oh well.

And was reading this tonight... and WOW... In a culture steeped with wheels, yea gotta really hand it to the Dutch ;)

Picture taken from the site

Was daydreaming about having a really nice spiffed up cargo trike that day but  knowing its impossible living on a flood-safe (self-consolation kicking in) 8th level apartment. So spooning off the last of the $5.50 cup of hazelnut gelato... twas time for me to get back on my absoUglylutely but practical Marketo-One that will make even any would-be thief turn up their nose.

Quite a "haul" for the day's errand too..

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