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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Vargo Triad Alcohol Stove

Having field tested the DIY soda can stove, I was about to make another version. Something with a lower height for better fuel efficiency.

So far it is respectable though, including priming + burn time under windy condition by the beach, it utilizd ~60ml of methylated spirit to fry 2 eggs and boil ~0.5l of water for coffee. Yea I'm a happy camper.

Before any more cans could be cut up... the titanium package from Vargo arrived.

It was the Triad that sparked my interest but of course there will always be more ;) Got one of the whistle too. Eddie wanted multi-functionality and opted for the Triad XE. It's easier to fuel up to as it can be opened up like those candy drops container. While the holey titanium other half looks nice just because its ti... I'm cheap enough to just drill a few holes in a tuna can if it ever comes to using solid fuel for burning in such a contraption.

The Triad on the other hand got me suckered with the looks. With the penny stove design having a little inlet in the middle, it will take a little longer to pour in the fuel (and likely longer to prime as well).

Being the ever scrutinizing cheapo, I thought it was pointless to get the Spork. Kicking myself for not getting one. I don't have a fetish for forks and spoon but this was really one well made piece and thoughtfully designed with the hook/ retainer at the end of it.

Back to the Triad... was surprised by the actual size. Compact. 58mm diameter (not including the legs) and 34gm overall. While not a gram-counting weenie, I do have a fetish to pack all my stuff in as little space as possible even when there are more than enough room. Hence the small size is a really big plus for me.

Apart from pleasing aesthetics, the rest of this simple little stove seems to be well thought out too. The holes are tiny compared to what I drilled in my home brewed can and would probably give a better more controlled flame. The concave top would serve to direct fuel vapor better to the ring of holes too.
Those 6 supporting legs are riveted nicely... no wobble or play to worry over a spilling pot. The other part I like is the unmarked, unassuming clean look.

The logo on the underside at first seems to be peeking out of "translucent titanium" or maybe had a piece of tape over it. If engraving was on the surface, you would be able to feel as a finger runs over it but no. I scratched around and there was nothing to peel off either Still stumps me how its done. Pretty cool if you ask me.

When I first saw the video of the Triad (from 2:02 to 2:12) it looks like one of the legs might actually be a spout hollowed out to the main chamber. Guess my eyes are really failing me these days. As long as it works as shown using the outside of any of the legs to rivulet excess fuel back into a container then that's fine by me too.

Well gearing up for more testing time this weekend hopefully.

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