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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Moonlander. Finally

Not a fan of yellow or blue on bikes but this combo looks like something straight out from Toys "R" Us and it seems to strike an agreeable chord with me. Maybe I'm reminded by the yellow of those taco resistant ACS-Z rims from my very first 2 wheeling pride and joy
Its been going back and forth at the back of the mind for awhile now...To buy or not to buy. Rigid or boink?

The recent fat bike epidemic with its variations is almost like the Cambrian Explosion in evolutionary terms. Like some side freak show gone viral, brands have been putting out an unheard of  number of fat related items at Interbike this year. For a niche little market that grew out of demand, it's quite a contrast to the 27.5 wheelsize fever which really in my usual cynical view is more of a concerted effort to force a change in consumers by the BBBBs... Big Bad Biking Brands. It's literally trying to reinvent the wheel (size) to inflate flaccid sales and just to tell people there is something "new"...

Ok I digress, back to fatties... its not just simply some  errr.. "wide" sweep around the globe but evolving standards surrounding the usual fattie related measurements as things get ever bigger. From the absolutely latest and longest 190mm rear hubs to the realization of more actual fattie suspension forks... For those in the know, suspension has always been far and few in the fat bike world until now.
Let's see at the end of the day whether its the purist or the techno geek that will win. That is how many fat bikes will be sporting what forks in time to come. But I have a feeling this has very much to do with how stock bikes are spec in the first place. For me there is a place for both.

Of course not even fat bikes are spared when it comes to the attention of the weight watching posse.... Latest  21lb Borealis carbon fatbike is gonna make weenie gram counters wet their chamois. Sorry but no carbon fanboy here.

With a multitude of choices, its definitely not making things easy to settle on my next obese one.. Hey if even Walmart jumped on the fatwagon with their $199 Walgoose, you know those wide tire treads are literally gonna be rolling all ov'r ya face eh!

"anything bigger than my Pugsley on a sunny tropical island is just overkill"

Yea, yea that was my line...while absentmindedly staring at the rows of parked (under utilized) wheels in the house. But seriously, attempts at rationalizing number of bikes?

Faced with an irresistible deal, the sagely bike fomula of  "x+1" always win. Always.
Now I know my current low meat hi fiber diet didn't arise out of some new age health fetish. The unconscious has unleashed the very deep dark reason... yes

Time to break the piggy bank for 'em porky rubbers this time.

No sooner than after Sat's nite moonlight B.Y.O.E. dinner with the missus... someone posted  a Moonlander for sales . Condition shown from the pics -- was just unreal.

Long story short-- It was in the house by Sun afternoon. An almost mint (and by that I mean like 99.9% spanking shiny new) monstrosity. What's more it was all decked out with some pretty tricked out upgrades on this 1st gen frame in lieu of stock parts.

Frankly the ti-sand color of this year's model looked really appealing but then again, now I have both THE fatbikes that pretty much started it all. Purple Pugs, that got the world gawking over fatbike in the very first place and now the Moonlander, the first 100mm rimmed mega fattie.

Now here's a new problem-- bloody bike look so good I don't even know if I will ever set it up to go offroad!    Ok ok just kidding.

Oh... the SOMA Eagle which I was browsing online and wondered (if it was too short) is just flipping sweet... One of the best funky swept back I ever had and that's coming from having tried a ton before.

The Exustar pedal was another performing component beyond my expectation... Haven't been on a proper ride but I have some serious time on flats to know a thing or two on first metal to sole contact. Long studs on this square pizza should make me triple-E size 11 boondockers happy.

Not even sure where to even start dissecting the Surly Whirly O.D. crank. Specifically made for the Moonlander. Surly's website has all the info for those interested.

There's lot of other "first" on this bike for me, apart from the ridiculously wide wheels which hasn't even fitted on the  largest possible rubber yet. The Clownshoes are only mated to 3.8 Knards for now... making them maybe ~4.0 all stretched out.

This marks my first 10spd mtb drivetrain. Something I have been religiously resisting. Got to say the setup overall has been uber uber smooth. Climbed a few short steep grassy slopes with the granny in reserve. Damn thing just gobble, tracks, surges forward & up. Which says a lot since the setup as is, is probably in the region of  38lb. 

Pugs leaning sadly looking forlorn is dangerously anorexic by comparison. Can't wait to have some proper 4.8" rubbers on the Moonie later on.
Pugs on the Marge/Larry combo is definitely having a nutritional-deficiency issue.

Direct mount deraileur... Most of my bikes run single ring and I haven't had a direct mount front dee before... Kinda like the look of it. Let's hope there just won't be the usual FD woes as time goes by.

Last but not least.. the Surly rack... a much much much lusted after item... Time to dust off those old moldy panniers ;)

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