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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Wasn't referring to the howl and rumble from the rainstorm just hours before Sun morning ride

Literally got woken up at 5am by the howling wind and splatter that came through the window.. There had been some pretty heavy episodes lately but this morning was some serious amount of water that came crashing down.  Temperature by 7am was down to an almost unheard of 23 deg Celcius on this island...though I smelt Autumn in the air...

Been pretty much a loner or riding only in small groups of no more than 3-4 in the past couple years....

Anytime there's more than 10 in a group... things usually get off with a slow start but I was pretty excited with the idea of a fattie group ride and can't wait to see what kind of attention would be garnered.

Hit the ferry terminal just after 9:30am and nope... the normal 12 bikes/boat won't fit. Virus and me have to contend with both our Moonlanders peeking at the rest inside

First timer to Ubin, Adam on his Ops with signature BMX bar... Shhh don't tell him about the rolling terrain and short but killer steeps

Familiar scene as we move past the usual crowded jetty area towards the trailhead. Last bastion of rural life in Singapore... don't think we thought much as we pedal past but each time looking at all the pics taken in this area, I can't help wonder how much longer before the "need" for progress is gonna rip this tranquil island and transform it into another mega resort/ revenue generating entertainment area...

I'm sure the SOP trailhead shot has been taken to death by everyone that comes here and equally bored to death will be anyone seeing the fence and quarry-lake.. I'm normally not inspired to join in. However today was a little (ok "big") difference. 11 Big Fat set of Wheels and 1 rental

Just realized while counting, all the fatties were Surly.  Pugs, Moons, Krampuses and one Long Haul Trucker.

Twas a slick ride after the heavy rain.. not much spill or blood involved but everyone was pretty much trail sprayed...

Eyes blinding big poser factor rims or not... it definitely
was no stroll in the park ride today.

Outgunned: The 4.8 Bud and Lou combo of Virus bike mounted on 82mm Rolling Daryls made the 3.8 Knards on my 100mm Clownshoes look ridiculously small

Made up my mind to bleed the wallet again for a set of these obscene rubbers but halfway through the ride home on the roads I was having second thoughts though....unless I'm determine to build some Neanderthal quads like Virus.

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