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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Outdoor Stuff

First stoves, next ? ...

Came across Vargo-- some really cool stuff and once I have decided on my "field-kit", will probably make some purchase. Yesterday I saw Adam's Klean bottle. That's really nice too. As usual all my "survivalist" biking friends apparently knew about and are already Klean converts, leaving me the last to get all excited about it.

Can Opener P51
Can openers are a part of many multitools these days but old habits die hard.. just couldn't bring myself to use another. Hard to find the older P38, aka "John Wayne" used with K-rations in WWII so have to settle for the larger P51 now

The Vargo Ti utensils nice but for practical purposes (and cheap), I got these below from Giant.
Yea this is also MIC but China, not Canada. Sturdy enough construction though  + can and bottle opener folded into one of each. Was skeptical of the metal chopsticks usability but have to say grip wise they rank good. On really lightweight days, this 20gm pr would be all I pack. Probably difficult for my Western friends to understand how you can "poke-scoop-cut" with 2 little sticks :)

Again the Vargo titanium round mugs look good with the fold away handles-- think I will settle for one of those. But for Cheap-and-Good" this size of stainless has always been my preferred additional non-standard issue items since army days.

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