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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

El Cheapo Press

The old double side pressed in shock mounting hardwares like those used by Fox are easy to remove but hard to find these days since they came out with the new 5 piece mounting. Don't mistakenly buy the similar looking but slightly smaller ones for Manitou shocks... it won't fit the rest of the eyelets for shocks in the market.

An additional problem is that many shocks still come with the standard bushing installed in the eyelets...which needs to be removed if you are using the new Fox hardware.

Rockshox uses the conventional bushing and a rod+spacer type mounting hardware which  is a bitch to even try and press it out with hands. Don't even think about knocking with hammer or mallet... its just gonna fark things up. Trust me. Since after knocking flush to one side-- what are you gonna do? Use pliers or teeth to pull the rest of the way out?

Was not gonna run out and spend $60-$70 for some metal bits to push it out, so....

....digging around my rusty parts bin:

Bingo Zero-Dollar El Cheapo Press is born.

  • V-brake mounting boss (which would fit thru rod meant for M8 screw nicely)
  • a dome M5 bolt which can thread into the brake boss but still have clearance when pushed into eyeley and my little ratchet wrench or any M5 hex allen will do.
Just screw it down and keep turning.. go slow if u want to salvage the bushing in the eyelet later on

Pressing back in?  Easy if u have a little dodgy vice like mine...

Align and push the mounting rod in till flush on one side.
Add back the spacers meant on one side... (mine looks weird cos the spacer itself had some small mod earlier)
Place a socket big enough for the rod to go through on the other end... 13mm here was enough to clear on mine.
Push until the spacer end is flushed.. what comes out on the other end should be just nice for the rest of the spacer(s) that's left over.

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