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Friday, January 31, 2014

CNY Ride

Alright... there's only so much CNY things one can do... eat cookies, bak kwa, watch boring movies and receiving a whole load of Lunar New Year well wishes and of course this year it's all prancing around the Horse.

No visiting or to be visited schedules means I was all but zombified by 13 hundred hours. Weather is good and trail ride would be tempting but kinda lazy to drive. Besides had been thinking of a townie makeover on the Stanyan... will see if I really don't like the present setup anymore. And I needed to recce some new running routes anyway. So....

Bedok Reservoir.... strangely tranquil today. Only pedaling along at cruising speed. No fang baring, no ego, just warm breeze and blue sky.

Onwards just before Easy Coast... the combination of color just caught me and I had to whip out the cam... could be passed for a shot at some nice beach resort.

But it wasn't long before the contrast of the scene ahead dissolved all that dreamy feel. Barbed wire fencing greedily lapping up a whole swath of real estate in land scarce Singapore. Accessible to only a privileged few swinging their expensive titanium headed sticks at tiny little white balls. The narrow sliver of dark pavement where all others use is in stark contrast to the lush manicured greens.

Weather has been weird much wind, despite the full brunt of the sun out today, its hardly sweaty or sticky by the time I reached East Coast. Must be a first for me, all dry on a sunny tropical day mashing my 53/16

Ships, ships and more ships... as far and as many as the eyes can see. Strange sight indeed for many a visiting friends from overseas whenever I bring them here. I wonder if it would soon be devoid of these metal behemoths plying the water as in ~2010 when the global economy went apeshit. Got a feeling I might soon see it again. Ok I only manage to have a split sec here for these 2 shots before the path in front was swamped with parents bringing their midget death squads on bicycles... Yea its the holidays after all. Time to haul ass.

Found my quiet spot nearing Coastal. There's lesser beach attractions here, even the beach is not tended. Well just my idea of what sand and water should be. Great

Ahhh .. Coastal, Coastal ... how many a night have I been on the road out there with a peloton. And how many a life this road has claimed, strangers and friends included... memories keep flooding back. Nah, I'll stick to the non motorize path now and just do my stupid things on mtb and fatbikes out in the trail. If grandma was around she would probably say " Choi Choi Choi why think and say such inauspicious things on New Year day"... oh well its just the rational and ever paranoid atheist brain at work here.

one for the road...

1800... Back safe and dinner

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