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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beating the blues

Missed the weekend riding. Usual crapload of emails to clear on a Monday and a call came in the late morning, "Nite Offroad?"

Yea. WTH. I need a break after the short holiday to get back to my usual self. What better way. But...damn lights been collecting dust. Batteries flat.

Rush back...frantic "charge"-- helmet light, Magicshine and more batts for the "Canners"

 Usual dose of overkill on a relatively bright trail for tonite. Who cares. I want 5000L eventually LOL.

Flat bar is great for mounting stuff for sure.

 U-turn point group shot. Looks like tonite's got a lady shutterbug with some kickass digi cam. Nice. Much better than my usual f**kup compact.

Swear the bloody cam packs a tripflare rather than a cam flash as can be imagined when it pops for this shot. No other light source around.

Always wanted to ride this place at night...just never got my lazy butt to do it. Other rides usually just zip past without stopping.... Not gonna pull off anything stupid without me guards and ff helmet though.

 ...So just stay close stay tight and pop a little speed jump instead.

Night wheelie shot. FAILED.

Ok "NG" for the nth time. Screw it. Just do the usual dumb ride pose shots...

Not bad. My "older than me" friend's 3rd ride and already a nite offroad... Way to go. Lots of falls and battle scars to collect, Jarrod!

Done for the nite. Packed and ready to go...

Actually not quite..
 we are done....after all these disappears in the gut.

5hours more....back to the drudgery of work again..... I WANT TO RIDE MY BIKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

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