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Saturday, September 25, 2010

New "Hydro" Pack

If one doesn't mind the fallen trees ...its pretty much rideable year round here. But fighting the tropical climate is a constant battle.  After awhile, saturated in perspiration on every ride, microwaved in 100% humidity under the foliage produces some pretty interesting smell on clothing and accessories. Smell that doesn't really go away no matter how it's washed.

With the current Northwave pack going for almost 2 years seemingly undersized now that riding most time involves hauling all kinds of guards, tools and other paraphernalia..I was looking at those with an air mesh to keep the back away especially on epic rides... but either what's available is not suitable or just plain expensive.

Found the right size pack in my recent Bangkok trip. Only problem was that it isn't a proper hydro pack, hence no dedicated compartment for the bladder. The main compartment is just too wide and the bladder will sag like a bag of sh#t for sure.

The side has an opening which I assume is for earphones...that serves nicely for threading the water hose through in my usage.

Not sure if the Karrimor is a cheap knock off or things are just simply cheaper over there but overall it looks about sturdy enough at the stitchings and pack a few nice handy compartments on the cushy waist straps

First  a slit was made on the brand new bag. Ouch. To prevent the opening from tearing apart, its time for some needle work.

Initially just wanted to thread up the ends but thought it looked kinda sloppy. Pride takes over and soon... the stitches work all the way around the entire opening. Reminds me of how grandma used to needle each button opening while grandpa was cutting out the suits/ blazers profiles in the background....

Slit allows the holding strap on bladder to go through and be secured with a carabina to the carrying handle of the pack. That way the bladder will stay "up"

Riding Pack essentials.

100 oz (3 liter) bladder
Tire Lever
Digital presseure gauge
Trusty Gorilla Hex tool with size 10mm for CK fun bolts
440 steel 4" Folding Knife
Chain Breaker
Spare hanger for EG
Spare tube and emergency patches
Med and bandages and id
Cable ties
Shock Pump
Spare links
T-25 Torx Key for rotor bolts
Philip screw driver, not shown

Many people have asked me why don't I just get one of those multi tools. If anyone has ever tried to use those short stumpy screwdrivers or hex keys will  understand why. Tired or not, I'm not risking rounding bolts and nuts especially out on the trail with less than ideal tools giving insufficient leverage.

Long days or riding trips calls for an additional rear deraileur.

Sometimes I do pack a few small components as well for testing and reviews.

Can everything fit within? Time to find out.

Apparently it does. Of course helmets gloves, bandana and shades are stuffs that's  usually keep outside for easy access.

Total Weight (not including  MP3 player and 50mm stem for testing during tomorrow's ride), 6.2 kg  [13.66 lb].

Air mesh takes care of the back from sticking to the pack, leaving  the number one area to eliminate smell; straps.

Stink Absorbers
Little old DIY from army days, cut bands from inner tube holding onto 5mm thick neoprene strip. Only have white 'prene on hand. Sure it adds to the fugly factor.... till I get me paws on some stealth black ones

More for the waist straps and upper back paddings later... getting late now

Put pack on..Nice snug fit. move around, nothing comes loose. Alright....good to go.

$22 bucks for the pack + 45 mins of doodling....lets see how things hold up in terms of durability.


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