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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rides: Batam 28 Sep 2010

With work schedule packed back to back and coughing away, I was resigned to a boring week of ridelessness. Then a last minute slot availability for the trip pop up.... like hell I wouldn't jump at the chance. Flu or not.

2nd ride with the Rideables for me. Man, can these guys ever ride! Still as strong as ever if not more so.

No hope of me catching the Flying Ah Gong once again, 'cept at breaktimes and while loading up on the way to the trail....

Before the start, still not knowing what's gonna hit us shortly.....

The youngest 4 (including yours truly) in today's group of 14 riders

Cant wait for the "official" cam and vid shots. My sloppy camphone is simply hopeless. Ugh!

Entire trail network in the area through the dedication of one man, Stewart. I am sure glad we have Singaporeans who have such spirits and able to find access, build stuffs and share with all of us here back home.

After sloshing thru up to waist deep torrential rain.....Lunch break! Damn, there'e even a couple of skinnies and see saws if anyone cared for it. But guess it was just a tad too wet. Besides it was kinda hardto tear ourselves away from the hot coffee and tea from the comfort of the shelter area.

The waterways are gorged to the brim from yesterday's torrent. With no let up in sight for the afternoon....screw the wet, lets dig in to the....


Burps...more burps... and ready to move out for the 2nd leg...

Can't wait for the action pics and vids!

*edit* Didn't think I was "captured" well....I'm not complaining  :-DD

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