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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dialledbikes Alpine

Fast swap and sent the Pig out to its new owner for more test ride this week before a final build over when I'm back from Bangkok next week.

Picked up the Alpine....  My first 853 steel frame! Woohoooooooo.....

First thing I notice is how much shorter the head tube is over the Ragley Blue Pig. Just what I like! Loads of options when it comes to bar height and bar/stem settings. Eyeball-o-meter says it should sit really nicely with the Pike (that imo was a tad much when on the Pig)

4130 Reinforced ringed-HT. Guess the cup area reinforcement would have to be something to do with compensation for a shorter/ smaller HT?

I tried out the Alpine when it was fitted with a 36 Vanilla and it didnt feel high. So with a 140mm Pike, there is a good chance it can be set up with a few different configs like my other bikes. Hope the rest will fit in nicely to pop a higher riser bar and adapt one of the setup to a street prancing rig

Loads of beefy reinforcing. A constraint to how low a seat can go but then its not likely that it will be config up into a 100% urban streetbike. So no worries there...

...oh those manuscript fonts of the decals...still not sure I was suckered because its a 853 front or those fonts. Ok at least both are there now!

Love the dropout area. Welding of the stays almost perpendicular to ground.

Not too sure how the stress forces are on repeatedly slamming the rear end down.

But given the review and history of this model...I'm incline to believe its a design that works.

ISCG tab neat and simple. Good thinking too, its slightly recessed from outer edge of bb shell. Should not need to change bb spacer settings on dual ring setup. If at all, it would be tuning spacers on the chain guide itself. Much better than screwing up the chain line by adjusting spacers at the bb instead and  run the risk of lesser clamping of non drive side crank arm.

Guides for full cables. Signature of many UK bikes. No no nonsense practical designs and features.

Can't see from pic but cable routings following the guides are really smooth with no weird angles even for the front deeraileur cable.

Awesome! Just the kind of thoughts put into a frame that I can appreciate. Not just some fancy dandy CMI design masked up with nice paint and fanciful decals. Not saying the powder coating is bad on the Alpine. Pretty solid paint work on it too.

Can't wait to build it up next week............

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