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Monday, September 13, 2010

There's always a first time.

Was cocking a brow when Willy's sms read " help keep a lookout for a ok frame and fork for offroad..." Timing could'nt have been better. Next day, Fickle Jem decides to sell his Dialledbike Alpine scarcely less than a month after building it up!

Of course I'm all up for grabs on this 853 frame that I've been eying for 2 years. Couple of quick sms later....the Alpine is mine and the Pig goes Willy. But before the dismantling, thought it would be good for him to get a feel of the frame and we planned for a weekend ride.

Today's ride... ended up with Crank and Dylon tagging along plus another unexpected first time off roading, Jarrod.

Offroad virgins grinning like the residential macaques on the trail before the ride....

Collecting their wit and stuffing back whatever lunch that wasn't regurgitated....

a grinning and by now seasoned Dylon that remembered his own bollocks dropping first ride at KR with us.

Pig and EG....first time ever both out on the trail on the same day

Finally, nailed all the setting changes after my recent spate of component swap.... 160mm up the oxymoronic accending rockgarden.

Back at a very familiar spot from my childhood days....Jarrod's house. Days of spiders and "longkang" fish catching in the 70s.... Think I like it even better bike gets to go back without further washing back home :)

 Yea its good to have friends, even if they are decades old (and all moldy) and I'll soon get my bike building fix for another 2 bikes if not more...

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