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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just Riding...

I would profess to be just as much a bike junkie as any other proud ones out there. My quiver might not spot a 20K rig or choked full with the fastest and baddest arrows but I waste no moment living and breathing everything biking.

For some of us, its nothing more than exercise. Some mixed it in with the passion of building aesthetically pleasing bikes and those like me that uses it as a form of "healthy" escape, de-stressing or whatchawannacallit.

Some simply ride.

For me mountain biking has become more than just a matter of riding. Solo rides prepares me for what lies ahead...everything. Not just the immediate hundred meter of trails or nailing the jump and whip into a turn. Learning and absorbing as the scenary whizzes by. Pedal powered motion, gulping down lungfuls of fresh air to clear the mind. It is a way to compose myself for the day's path ahead. Reflecting on what just gone by, trying to take in a lesson or two and trying to make light of one's own follies along the way.

Staying off the negative path. 
Ever rode with people that are perpetually on an ego trip. The "must win" in whatever they think they are exceling in? If they can't ride something...then that section or trail must be "stupid" or not "worthwhile". Well sometimes things are. When trails arent built with a clear focus, it may lack flow but more often than not, it's a rider's lack that impedes what could otherwise be an enjoyable session.

Does it mean u just give up and curse under your breath. NO. Why would you want to spoil your ride with a train of negative thoughts. If a trail that was never designated but was ridden out over time by countless other riders...what makes that a "stupid" trail other than one not having the proper equipments and skills?

People come and go in our lives. I rather let them go if they start effusing such negativities all the time when riding around me while only bragging about their bravado on things they are capable off.

There are certain sections in the local trails I ride regularly that is really bad due to a variety of reasons, even though they are purpose built but looking at erosion and other factors surrounding the area, I can't really fault the people that did it up that uphill rock garden filled with shaky pieces of rock.

To curse and swear under the breath each time I'm there trying to climb especially in the slippery wet of the monsoon season on my long travel bike? NO. Rather, countless hours were spent trying different setups to try and nail it. 

Sometimes no matter what you do, nothing really works but still there will be lessons to be gleaned from the experience. If you fail a 100 times, each time trying something a little different means discovering a 100 ways why it doesn't work.

If I had sat on the fence whining away refusing to believe that it can be ridden with a 160mm front travel bike or get duped into believing that gnarly rooty trails is simply too "worthless" to ride.... then those riding pictures to form a picture book for the grandkids wouldn't be materializing.

Pushing the limits. Within reasons of course. From personal experience, I do feel that what is difficult today may seem like child's play....after riding something bigger, harder say on a biking trip to some place new.

Breakout--- Ass off the saddle, feet to the pedals. Crank on!

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