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Friday, December 24, 2010

Xmas eve ride

Must have pissed off the God of Holiday Cold and Flu Bugs..... bloody critters will find a way to breakout in my system whenever the holidays are here. A time where rides of course are planned in the bucket loads..

Saddled with a year end work report due today in a world where commodities pricing has gone apeshit for the last 6 months....I wrapped it up by 1pm while coordinating the booking for another big ride at Drak come Monday.

The bugs?...Screw them.  I'm riding whether it tags along by then.

Another few more calls later...hook up with Mohd for a quick spin at TT. Weather looks good. Though the sky threatens to cry while on the way home from office but Im calling its bluff.

Was the only one at the trail head @ 3:20pm.....looks deserted.
5 mins later... Lookie lookie.. Who's here!  The Rideable jing gang!
Wait....Mok and Berd too... Am I glad to meet friends and old faces..

Chatted up a couple of other dudes that has been reading my blog and of course one of the topics gravitated to X-fusion stuff. Well no amount of talking is gonna be as convincing, so I told one of them to hop on the EG and  test the Vengeance out for himself. Oh yes I am really that confident of that kickass fork by now..

It was a day meant to just enjoy the pedaling and the flow of the trail. Didn't measure up to my usual anal self and check if tire pressure was in my "right" range. No fiddling with the suspensions.  Off we went and  everything was just soaked up nicely, firm where needed. Rock gardens, no hesitation. Just keep pumping and everything else was in auto-cruise control...

......1 big bad bike
2 ride-hungry dudes
3 Xmas sniffles
.... and no OTB that lands on a tree

Yes one of those days when everything was stacked against going out for a ride but one that ends up putting a smile on the face.   Time to see what the missus is cooking for dinner.... and a  Hoyo no.2 with the log cake.

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