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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the next build- Tequila Sunrise

Still not too sure if getting a 2nd EG was impulse or obsession on my part. Has been hesitating ever since to build it up. Damn with the current bike, the 2nd one would have to raise the bar in more ways than one. Spending 2 years on one bike gives one a very good idea of the myraid of combinations of components that works and still make the bike look good. With an uber sexy and sleek rear tri and overall blinkety blink orange paintwork, its pretty set to be a lightweight version of what I usually ride...still it doent help that new bling parts are appearing everyday whether from browsing the web or poision seeding friends like Dirty with all kind of access to stuff not even seen on the market.

Its been awhile but if its gonna be tricked out blink... a matching color scheme would be needed. Got to start wrecking the brains for ideas. My usual "evergreen" Black-Silver combos wouldnt cut it.

And its the first time working with something orangy. Hmmm................... ok settled, its a Tequila Sunrise for this little Orange Mexican then.

Gonna be needing  jackloads lots of red parts soon.  Anyone with some to spare?

.... and the bits are trickling along

"Head(ache)sets... sometimes its easier if there are less choices

Guess will just stick with whats tried and tested....another piece of the Xc II Flush

... Stealth or Loud? 

Forget red cranks...

1st "cut"...




  1. Looks like its going to be one sick ride!

  2. Hey bro, those 2011 XTR brakes?