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Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Epic" Ride

Just no letting up from the sky above....pouring rain, traffic jams.
So much for starting ride at 2pm sharp. Ha.

  • But, throw in the usual mileage of the local trails to cover...
  • Marinated in wet roots and rocks from errmm.. 800 inches of slosh in one afternoon?
  • Simmered with changing a flat under dripping foliage. 
  • Gently stirred in one broken deraileur
  • Bring to a slow "SS" broil
  • Finally garnish with 2 crimson gash behind the calf..... all in, guess that makes up for the idea of an "epic" local ride.

Not forgetting, another lung busting dose chasing the same crazy French dude AGAIN on a dual crown, all up and down the trails... just like the first time in BT. Thomas are you reading this? :D

Always wondered what if I have to cook up a single speed to get out of the trail... nothing more "perfect" for a test than today. well it wasn't my bike. Poor Willy. But at least I'm pretty confident after this afternoon of my pin breaking and joining skills sans benefit of master pin and powerlinks to serve up a trailside "single speed" bike, beating last light to get out of the trail!

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