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Friday, May 20, 2011


Race Pack collection for this year's Sundown Ultra. Still cant figure why I'm doing this. Biking occupies 99% of my free time these days but taking part in no bike race. Hate running, signed up yet again for another 100k run!

Ok, Tiny was pretty dissed when we were there hahahaha. I got no. 0021 and he was like 300++ just because he was an hour late during registration day in Jan...   But I'll be happy to finish even last 21 of the 1000 signups.

Still trying to get over the morale sapping Loyang-Coastal stretch after last night's 56km run....wonder how I'm gonna do that twice on actual race day.....

oh and my bib tag is blue-- telling everyone I belong to the "old" category! Arrghh

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