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Monday, May 30, 2011

Small world

 [Updated on 9th Jun-- see below]

Its well over a year now.. and yes I'm still angry. Though I dont personally know Ben but his passing due to the tragic accident with a drunken doctor has left a bitter taste in many of us with a pedaling lifestyle and led to the erection of the first Ghost Bike in Singapore.

Looking at some of the old comments in my blog and what did I find! Yes a comment left by Ben himself on my Penang trip writeup barely 2 months before the fateful night. Ever the jovial one as I learned about him from various friends who knows him well, it leaves me with a smile reading his comment ..."Can't they at least tax and stamp  "SDPPB" (Singapore Duty-Paid Pig Blood) on it? I will gladly pay."

Forget the bloody swine cubes Ben, I would gladly have taken the opportunity to know you first.

Let's hope we will hear something soon. Many of us are still waiting to know who exactly is Dr Drunk that was apprehended but never revealed. Hopefully no one is above the law on this tiny island.

Its 1 year 3 months and 5 days and many of us are still counting....

[Update]-- 9th June,  10 days after the above post, it was revealed in today's news who Dr Drunk is.
Call me a pessimist/ paranoid--I still smell a fish, no mention that he was drunk and what the five charges against him are!


  1. Hi bro,
    Keen to ask.. since u are not really using ur orange EG.. would u be keen in selling it? the frame only.

  2. I bought it as a spare cos they wont be building this frame anymore..might build up even if the current one is running fine.

    Else if u can find a new one in small size (maybe someone bought wrongly or whatever)- get that an i can exchange it with my medium size (which I think is already out of stock)

    Check with to see what they have when the site is back up from maintenance. Cheers

  3. Main site is still down for Titus purchase but u can check the alternative site here if there are any left

  4. Can't agree more on the accident...

    Especially with the passing of Paul Lim... Hai...