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Friday, May 20, 2011

Resam DH...a track well worth

Finally a semblance of something worth riding nearby for the more gravity oriented days,  just ~20k north of the border.

Guess many of us are really frustrated with a lack of good riding places in Singapore but most wouldn't really know what to do except to venture further and further in search of prime riding ground and purpose built bike parks.

Here is clearly a product of passion and certainly jackloads of hardwork and done by someone definitely well experienced with all things DH.  Thanks Mann.

Well words alone won't capture the whole picture, so...

Uplift Arrangment: Almost had a race day feel to it. Reckon definitely no one would be looking forward to pushing up 60 degree lines...

Bikes uplifted by truck, all riders walk the line for first time

Couple demos later, everyone took the first plunge down ..... Ok I can manage this first steepish drop 20m from start line with my typical chicken line choosing.....

... shot of another better rider doing a proper drop-in.

Yea, and moi excuse will alway be not having a dual crown but that's only an excuse really.  As pics and vids of other single crown 160-180 forks will tell... :D

Mann @ Work: "I build, I ride, I jump"...the good old fashion way by one of SG's best
But its the kiddo tha definitely stole a good part of the show.... no doubts leaving a lot of adults kicking themselves and staring at the kicker jump :D

And the rest of us...making do with having the most fun we can...

Mark with his spanking new and dope DeVinci Wilson.... testing his shock to the limits as usual  :)

Sleeping Myk with his "castrated-travel" fork ... :)

Me and my usual "CMI" launches..

and a run by Josh...

and thanks to Mark and the SE7EN for hooking me up on this trip... a vid summary of the day:


  1. Wah shiok! Look at the amount air you can get!


  2. hehehe... should be "amount of air I could get" but then I can't. Chicken!