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Monday, July 25, 2011

DIY: Contour GPS cam mount

Ok just being cheap again... fabricating an add-on to the stick-on mount that came with the camera so that it can be used on different places with the sacrifice of a couple of cable-ties. Sure beats the hell out of sticking one mount on every place you would ever think of placing the camera even if all the surfaces are suitable with the adhesive... certainly not curved anodized frame tubing.

Material: Plastics found around the house. Drill and cable ties and 2 part epoxy.
Backing grid, soft low density polyethylene from a divider piece of cheap plastic containers.
Solid white translucent piece in front is a cutout from the packaging of some saddle..basically same thing you can find in a plastic file.. LDPE again

Twin layer of this grid+solid LDPE glued with epoxy for flexibility and strength. Single layer by itself will tend to be ripped with tight cable ties over time.

Works? You bet... test vid from today will be uploaded soon.

Tip-- to get a good view-- mount camera parallel to helmet (use visor as a guide) and click the camera 1-2 clicks upwards...

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