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Monday, July 25, 2011

Rail Ride

It pays to ride with artistic friends possessing those shutter snapping flairs... even with just an iPhone.

Like any worthwhile big rides or riding trips in the past, pedaling the usual local trail afterwards become a seriously monotonous affair for the next couple of months. However its just weird bumming around the house staring into the computer screen or TV and not on the saddle... so it was a slack Sun afternoon ride for today and some test vid with the new Contour GPS camera..

The recent buzz has all been about the old disuse KTM railway. Miss the nite railway ride with the gang, today was as good as any before all 36+ km of tracks gets dismantled to make way for more urban development.

It's amazing under the hot afternoon sun to see droves of people turning out on the track. Armed with cameras and lens bigger than my face, it looks more like Sentosa with inquisitive tourists.

Riding all the loose gravel wasn't all that bad on my 6" full squishy with low comp fully open. I just wonder how Willy was getting along on the Blue Pig though.

Bridge at Bukit Timah

Railway Quarters

Got a dose of how those Red Bull Rampage riders must be feeling....staring down 30 feet from the edge.

Never gripped the brake tighter....

Live to Ride, Ride to eat... Can't remember which ride has never been associated with food afterwards.

Laksa @ Railway Mall and a forlorn EG

Somehow the whole BT area just look surreal in the evening hours that pictures just never quite captures...

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