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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The "new" Tampines Trail

Ok another one of those overslept Sundays which means an afternoon ride today...

Those in the know will have heard of the "A" Line just outside Tampines Bike Park.
The teletubbie runs inside TBP itself does get a little boring and Im never much of a fan but lately the outside seems to be sprucing up quite well. Nothing too wild but small jumps that follows the flow and a few nice berms makes it worthwhile to grind up that loose steep winding climb to get to it all. The old jungle trail is surprising dry and still flowy like in the past (I'm thinking aloud...what if a few berms are placed at strategic bends in there...mmm. Nice.)

All in it makes for a good recovery ride for my lactate choke thighs from yesterday's out-of-hibenation run.

A little thought about handlebars...
Yup, realized by the end of today's ride that I too had been caught up with the hype of super long super lo rise bars for the past few months... Long? Yes, but too low? No. After trying out more than 30 bars in the last 2-3 years on 5-6" travel bikes, if I have to say, Funn bars still have the nicest sweeps and good value for money too. Check out the Funn Fat Boys 710mm or  750mm.

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