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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

To Clear or Not to Clear II

"Is it me or my imagination", was what came to mind when i saw how baby ass-smooth the trails have gotten in the last couple of months. It wasn't all that long ago when I first wrote about all the indiscriminate clearing taking place on the limited trails we have on this less than ideal mountainless island for riding.

Now even the few remaining sections that requires a little more skills during approach are being flattened out. I don't even have to warn newbies "Don't get your wheel caught between the protruding roots after the first root drop..." anymore. No there is nothing to warn anyone about.. Zero, zilch.... go home and ride down the bloody staircase of HDB flats... there is more challenge in that than all our local trails put together.
The familiar nail it or be be nailed by the narrow 6inch gap after the root drop towards 2nd Stream is GONE! No need to master going down left, right or center. Just shoot straight through and I bet in another month of two-- some clueless blip will find that even the root drop is too much and fashion a dirt ramp to roll down! So much for riding.

Can't be more pissed when looking at all of these and more when I stumbled on a "new trail" later in another part on another trail... seems like a pretty long one too as I did not get to finish "bashing" through. Lots of fallen trees but distinctly a trail for sure, one that has not seen much human activities too! Just some work needed to go back on quieter days and clear out the fallen logs. But no, for now I guess its better not to divulge where this is. Would really love to share but given this is also in some 'no go zone" and all the dumber than dumb forest elves smoothing everything in their path, such finds are better left to those in the know for now...

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